JAC‘s third passenger car plant  
  features world-class equipment and  
  craft technology  
JAC‘s third passenger car plant features world-class equipment and craft technology. Its pressing workshop includes a newly built, internationally advanced, totally automatic pressing line, with a world leading 2,500 ton servo press for high efficiency and automation.
The welding workshop is operated by 166 automatic robots, making it the first international advanced high-speed flexible welding line among Chinese automobile enterprises. It also can realize multi-vehicle crossover manufacturing, according to market requirements. The assembly workshop uses the internationally popular L-shaped layout, and the ground source heat pump air conditioning system guarantees perfect processing quality by maintaining constant temperature and humidity levels in the assembly environment, for high efficiency, environmentally friendly production.
The painting workshop applies the world’s highest level waterborne B1B2 free intermediate coating process, which can reduce VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions while preserving the coating’s anti-UV and anti-chip properties. It is an innovation of the environmentally friendly auto painting process. JAC‘s third passenger car plant is the first Chinese automobile plant to use this process.
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